The Free Society Centre is a new, liberal think tank, set up with the explicit aim of promoting liberalism as a value set, as an ideology and as a suite of policies that can provide solutions to the global challenges of both today and tomorrow.

Liberty has become squeezed into a decreasing middle of the increasingly polarised ‘right vs left’ spectrum. Within this overly simplistic, combative dichotomy, liberalism is largely framed and defined by either the far-left or far-right and is increasingly under-attack. The far-left only see ‘neoliberalism’ and declare it useless, and the far-right attack the ‘liberal elite’ as they pursue ‘illiberal democracy.’ At best, liberty is seen as a means to be freed from the opposition before implementing a preferred system of control.

It was not always this way. When the Women’s Liberation Movement set up in 1970 and presented their first four demands, the end goal was liberty and freedom and the means was equality (of pay, education, opportunity and legal standing etc.)

The Free Society Centre aims to return liberal policies and concepts to their rightful place as a legitimate end goal, not just a means.

Liberalism is not the middle but rather it is the forefront, the crest of the wave, that bears down on the old rocks of power and control.

Here you will find opinion, research and position papers, all on the subject of liberty, freedom and liberalism.