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Attacks on liberals: a preparatory step for illiberal democracy?

From Brexit to Trump via Hungary, Russia and Brazil, there is a growing chorus of attacks against liberals and liberalism. “The ‘liberal elite’ are to blame” shout millionaires and hedge fund managers as they dig in to political power. The big question is, why does this new wave of populists define their opponents as ‘liberals’ and not just ‘wealthy’ elites? Could it be that these right-wing populists are attacking ‘liberals’ as a preparation for outright illiberalism?

Memories of WW2 and descent to illiberal democracy

Recent research may indicate that Britain’s cultural memory of WW2 is putting it on a path to illiberal democracy

Where will this government take us?

By sticking by Cummings, the government has shown they crave personal power over anything else. This is troubling, especially because they have told us what they will do with that power.