Launch of Free Society Centre

Launch of Free Society Centre

The Free Society Centre is proud to be online and at work.

Our mission is to define and promote liberalism: as a philosophy, as a political view, as a suite of policies and as both a means and end as we face today’s global challenges.

Our liberalism is a social liberalism concerned with equality and support of those in need. It demands strong intervention to solve inequality, climate injustice and disease yet demands that the power to intervene, regardless of who wields it, must be regulated and accountable.

We stand against abuse by the state, or corporations or oligarchs or any group or individual that has power over others.

We stand for transparency, democracy and accountability as a means of reducing the risk of abuse.

We stand against the rising wave of ‘illiberal democrats’ who maintain the ritual of democracy while eroding freedoms.

We stand for liberal solutions to the world’s grand challenges: climate change, pandemics, automation, AI, globalisation.

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